I grew up in Boca Raton, the middle child of three, Then went to the North East to get my college degree! Got my MD in 2018 as medicine was my calling, My passion for creativity shined through as my notes were more like drawings! As an EM physician, some things in the ER (especially during COVID) could not be unseen, So my artwork became my stress release and with sewing…I went ahead full steam! I was scrapbooking, drawing, and doodling too, Teaching myself to sew, my repertoire grew! Over the years, I collected vintage linens and quilts, The idea to make wearable art and give them a second life…that’s how Shapeau was built!

What started as a hobby and a creative outlet for me through art, Is the way Shapeau got its start! People started to contact me and compliment my jackets, But as a full time ER doctor with a sewing business I wasn’t sure I could hack it! One-of-a-kind pieces, wearable art, Made with love, compassion and all of my heart! Adding my mom and sister to help with this endeavor, Just added to Shapeau to make it even better! Imagine the stories these vintage textiles could tell, Now it’s your turn to make your own stories as well! Wearable art and sustainable fashion, Made by the Shapiro gals with love and compassion! We hope that these textiles bring you smiles Remember… history repeats itself!